Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gearing Up for the Holidays!

I can't believe it's October already!  Where did the summer go?  The cooler temps here have driven home the fact that summer is gone and the holidays are fast approaching.  With that in mind, things have shifted into high gear at Wit's End Studio.  I am working on several commissions simultaneously.  The one on the left is a work in progress, as is the one on the right.  On the right are Prescott and Fallon (love the names!!) and to the left is Kirby.  Still lots of work to do on both of these portraits, but I think it's interesting for other artists and non-artists as well to see how the process goes.  Both of these are just the first pass on the canvas, to block in the shapes and get a little color going and they are both in oils.  I know some artists draw first in charcoal or pencil and get everything laid out before they ever touch the canvas with paint.  I like to be more spontaneous--I just dive right in and adjust as I go along.  I think it gives the work a fresh feel.

The piece on the left here is one I started for fun--it began as a pallet knife painting, but I didn't like it so I switched back to brushes, and then I got busy with other things, so it's been sitting for awhile.  I look at it every now and then and each time I see adjustments that need to be made.  The horses need shaping--a couple of them look a little weird, but then they are wild horses!  Once I get the commissions finished, I'll get back to this one....
AND, it's nearly time for Shelbyville's Trims and Whims 2-day event, so I'll be working on some new jewelry pieces in the coming weeks as well, so keep a look-out for those!
Finally, my little "I'm Adopted" poster will be available online or at the Shelby Artists on Main Gallery, starting Monday October 8.  Stop by the gallery  or email me if you'd like to purchase one of these. They are signed and numbered and, because October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month, 25% of the purchase price will be donated to one of the 6 Shelbyville animal shelters/rescues of your choice.  Makes a nice Christmas gift and helps our local shelters as well!