Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brush Dancing

What motivates you as a painter?  Something you see? Something you feel?  Often, for me, it's music. Maybe I'm an actor at heart, but when I'm listening to music, I am immediately transported to some imaginary place and I take on a character specific to the type of music I'm hearing.  And sometimes that translates into my painting. 

Music has always played an important role in my life. I love it. Everything from classical to jazz, rock and sometimes even rap. And yes, I often start dancing
while I'm painting. The two paintings  above resulted from my listening to Jimmy Buffet's "Desperation Samba ( Halloween in Tijuana)." And no, I wasn't drinking margaritas--although one or two might have helped!  My point is, there are all sorts of things that can get the creative juices flowing--music, a walk, or maybe just sitting quietly for a moment or two.  Whatever works, do it!

Meanwhile, here's what's on the canvas now--I love purple and these flowers in contrast with the white pitcher and lace just screamed "paint me!" Not finished yet, and I'm still working on the portrait of Charlie....but sometimes a little diversion is good for creativity too!  This is 8 x 10, in oils, using a reference photograph by Karen Barefoot, Holidaysburg, PA.


Betsy Grant said...

Boy I can sure appreciate what you said about music, as well as your comments on creativity. I like this new painting with the purple flowers. Keep up the good work

jeannette said...

Neat to find someone like you, because I come from a musical family -so, I love music, and I'm the only one who developed my painting skills!

Hope to see more paintings on your blog -some just show their painting without any text at all.Cheers!

Betsy Grant said...

Art - painting, sculpture - you name it, inspires me as a musician! Visit me again at where I love to hear artists comments about life.