Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back in the Studio--Finally!

The blast of cool air that moved in yesterday is a welcome change from the record-breaking temps of September and while I should have taken advantage of the cooler weather and caught up on some gardening, I chose to paint. I am trying to get ready for the Guinness to Haggis Tour Art Show at the Failte Irish Shop in Lexington. The show is one night only--Thursday, October 7, and is also a reunion for those of us from the Lexington area who went on the tour last year. I took tons of photographs, but so far have only managed to complete three paintings. I started the fourth one yesterday, but I'm not sure it'll be finished in time for the show. This is the work in progress:  It is a cottage in Bunratty Village, Ireland.

WIP - Bunratty Village, Ireland
16 x 20, Acrylics

Sacred Stone Circle, Isle of Mull, Scotland
16 x 20,  Acrylics
This second piece is of the sacred stones on the Isle of Mull, Scotland. I believe this is in Loch Buie. The upper part of the piece is a little washed out because of the lighting in the studio and the camera--I was too lazy to go upstairs and get my good camera, so this was taken with my cell phone. But you get the idea....I'm thinking I should have removed the stone in the far left, but I'll leave it for now. Not enough time to do that before Thursday.


shraddha said...

beautiful work..loved it.!

Betsy Grant said...

It's good to see your paintings again. Your work is so lovely!

Betsy Grant said...

These are all lovely!

Ricardo said...

Hi, I want to congratulate you for your great work, I love the way you paint, I will follow your blog.un greeting.