Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Busy, busy...

Well so much for the idea of doing a painting a day. Not working. I've been caught up in the usual stuff--bad weather, running errands, fighting a nasty cold. I have two paintings that I'm working on at the moment, but seem to have lost all motivation. This happens quite frequently. I start a painting, get about 3/4 the way through it, and something takes me away from it and I lose the initiative to get back to it. All is not lost though--instead of painting, I've been writing, which is also something I love to do and for a very long time, it has taken a back seat to painting. A friend once told me, when asked how she finds time to do all the things she loves (which included painting, writing, music, gardening, etc.), to just go with whatever is nagging me at the present time. Sometimes it's painting, sometimes it's writing--but each will come to the forefront when it needs attention.

So that's what I'm doing, and right now writing is taking precedence over painting. With that in mind, here's a very short poem I wrote the other day--not going to win any writing prizes, but I like it:

The Artist
My brush, like dragonfly wings,
flits across the canvas in flocks of color.
I paint poems.
Ah...I feel better now....seriously, I am working on a novel and do write an occasional poem. I'd love to have one or two published someday. We'll see. Meanwhile, it's very cold here but the sun is shining and my tulips and daffodils are starting to poke their heads up. Spring is right around the corner and that means yard work. Ugh.

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