Monday, July 20, 2009

Time Flies

Wow--I guess I've been neglecting this site. It's true, life gets in the way while you're planning your life. I have been so busy lately! Summer is flying by and I haven't had time to catch up. My gardens are sorely neglected (although I am slowly making progress with the weeding, and despite my neglect, the veggie garden produced some great turnips, onions and garlic so far!). I've done two art shows, with another two coming up. Two state fair entries--one is finished, the other nearly ready. Most importantly, I just spent a week in Georgia visiting my daughter and grandkids and had a wonderful time! Ashlyn and I made a fairy village out in her yard under a big pecan tree, and Jaden and I played soccer (well, I mostly served as the goalie). The week passed so fast!

This morning I'm heading off to a nice little restaurant in town called The Bistro, where they have chosen five of my paintings to hang there for awhile. Yay! I needed that little ego boost.

So...I better get off the computer and get my butt moving. Later I'll try to get some photos uploaded of new work.

Well I made it to The Bistro, got my paintings hung, along with paintings from several other artists at the gallery. The Bistro has been remodeled, and looks very nice--and the paintings from the gallery just add to the ambiance. Turns out the owners are artists, too, and some of their work is hanging as well.

Got a new cellphone today, so of course, instead of painting and/or doing yardwork, I spent the entire afternoon messing with it. I really need to get away from all this technical stuff--if it's not the computer, it's the camera or the iPod or something else. Imagine the work I could get done if I didn't allow these technological distractions! Ah well.

Here's a photo of one of my latest artworks:
This piece was used as a sample for a pet portrait gift certificate that was raffled off during a pet adoption event a few weeks ago. Another pet portrait gift certificate is being given as a door prize for the Jubilee Youth Art show this weekend. And, lucky me, I will be one of the judges for the Youth Sidewalk Art contest, which is one of the events during Jubilee week--which leads up to the Shelbyville Horse Show the first week of August. Isn't this puppy just the cutest little thing?

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