Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back in the Studio--Finally!

A couple of years ago I took a workshop with artist Elin Pendleton, and learned that, at the time, she was creating a painting a day. I was amazed that anyone could start and finish an entire painting in one day. It takes me a full day just to get the idea going, the paints set up, and the initial sketch on the canvas. Then I learned that there are a whole bunch of people out there who complete a painting in one day, and there are several groups on the Internet where these folks showcase their work. Well, I was in awe, and vowed that I would get my act together and do a painting a day too. Well, that didn't exactly work out as planned. I made a valiant effort--but the first time out of the gate, I couldn't complete the painting to my satisfaction, let alone post it on the Internet anywhere. So I gave up.

BUT...I never completely gave up. In the back of my mind I kept thinking I need to work a little faster. There is some value, I think, in being able to work fast (maybe not THAT fast, but quicker than I usually work)-plein air painters work fast to capture the light, and you have to work a little fast with live models, to keep them from getting bored to death and walking out on you. But I I decided yet again to try to do a painting a day. Well, maybe more like "almost" a painting a day. So here is a piece that I started working on last night. Unfortunately I had no time to work on it today, so this is not finished. I wonder if I could add up the hours from last night, with the time I'll spend on it tomorrow and call it "a day's worth of painting."

Anyway, here it is, and thanks to Sarah Lewis for the beautiful photo reference and permission to use it.

On another note, nothing bugs me more than when someone makes an appointment, confirms the appointment, then doesn't show up. I'm talking about a company we've hired to seal our driveway. Their office manager or whoever told us, in a sweet cheery voice, that they would be at our house Monday morning. Well, Monday went by--no pavers. Tuesday, Wednesday, nothing either. This morning we got a call with the same cheery voice saying they would be here today--we were "#2 on the list." So we ran outside, moved our cars off the driveway.....and waited....and waited. So far, no sign of them and it's dark. Heck, it's bedtime. How do people like that stay in business? And why are we (meaning my husband and I) putting up with it?


Elin Pendleton said...

Hello Stephanie! Thanks for mentioning my blog on yours. Yes, the painting a day went for OVER two years before I ground down to one a week... but they're bigger and much better because of the regimen of doing one a day for so long.
My blog is if you'd like to see the more recent work.
Thanks again!

Wit's End Studio said...

Thanks for visiting Elin. I give you and your work a plug every chance I get. You've made a BIG impact on me and the way I look at subjects to paint.