Friday, September 26, 2008

Stood Up Again!!

I don't know why I even bothered to give these folks another chance. I'm talking about the driveway paving company. Called 'em this morning, very polite, asked if they were coming today. Yep--apparently we were still #2 on the list. They were going to a job not too far from us, and then they'd come to our place. Well---once again, no one showed up. Should I take this personally? Do they just not want to do our driveway? The guy wasted no time getting to us when we first called and needed an estimate. I'm just glad we didn't have to make a down payment because I'd be wanting that back now and I'd probably have a heck of a time getting it.
Whatever happened to customer service?

So....while I was waiting for the no-shows, I should have used the time to finish the daily painting I started last night. Ummmmm....kinda got sidetracked. My darling husband came home with an aquarium, just for me. We used to have a huge aquarium back when we were young'uns, but gave it up after about the third relocation. But now that we're "retired" the interest has peaked again. My husband has a very nice set-up in his "communication room"--that is, the spare bedroom that has now become his office, but since he's retired and doesn't exactly need an office, the room is now filled with his fancy TV, big-a** computer and beautiful aquarium. Being the envious person that I am, I thought I should have one, albeit on a smaller scale, for my studio. And now I do. No fish yet, but we're going out Monday to get some. Ha! Just what I need...more mouths to feed.

I'll post a pic of the aquarium and the finished painting tomorrow night. I'm off to watch the Presidential debate and tomorrow I'm helping to judge a little dog show at the Southville Fall Festival. Should be fun.

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