Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back to Work

I'd really like to get back to doing a painting a day. I never have actually accomplished that, but I need to try. One thing that became apparent to me this past week, with the gallery's Christmas in July sale, and several of my paintings at the restaurant in town, is that my inventory is getting pretty low--and with the two newest pieces going to the fair for two weeks, I need to get some new work done. Besides, I'm sure visitors to the gallery are tired of seeing the same old pieces there month after month. Plus, it'll be my turn soon to have the front window, and I'd really like to have something new to put in there.

On a good note, I received notice yesterday that one of my prints sold at the July sale--so that's a good thing!

Meanwhile, here's something I did a couple of months ago for a friend.

It's a logo for a small (and I mean, very small) organization she has started called Joey's Memory Tree.
About a year ago, a lady came into the gallery and asked if I could do a portrait of her rescue dog, Joey, who had died. She had also decided to place a Christmas tree in one of the local feed stores in memory of Joey and had made all sorts of little pet-related Christmas decorations for it. She asked if I would be interested in helping, so I painted some decorations for her. The idea was that people could purchase a decoration in memory of their pet and, in its place, put a star on the tree with their pet's name on it. Well, this idea has sort of taken off, and just a few weeks ago she was invited to set up her tree at a pet adoption event in town. So she asked me to do a logo for her to be used on the promotion material and t-shirts. The result is the image to the left. And below is the portrait I did of Joey. Without ever having met this little guy, I fell in love with him, and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to paint him and get involved with his legacy. ( I gained a new friend in Robin, as well...)
And now, it's back to the drawing board--literally. I need to paint.

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