Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I love cardinals. We have a lot of them hanging out in our yard.  Last year, a pair of them built a nest in the lilac tree right outside the porch window.  The nest was hidden from the outside, but I could clearly see the nest and, eventually, the babies, from inside.  I tried to photograph them, but Mama would get upset every time she saw me coming near the window, and since I didn't want to cause problems for the babies, I decided to leave them alone.  And then one day I peeked through the window:  the birds were gone, the nest abandoned.  Ah well...such is life.  So today's photo is of a mini-painting I did a few weeks ago.
And the poem for today: 

The red-tailed hawk dives from his perch
a kamikaze pilot on a mission.
I can't see his prey--only the rustle of weeds

near the pond's edge.  High in the oak
a group of sparrows huddle
their shoulders hunched against the rain
like bystanders who watch an assault and do

And now it's off to bed....


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