Monday, January 16, 2012

Trees and Petticoats

Today's photo and poem are about trees. I didn't write the poem as a companion to the photo, it just worked out that way.  This tree is located on the bypass I drive every morning to work.  For some reason, it fascinates me--maybe because it's alone in the field, and though it's obviously taken a beating, it's still standing tall.  One morning when I drove by, the top branches jutted out from a fog bank that hid much of the trunk--and I just loved it.  I wish I could have taken a photo, but it was too dark, and I didn't have the right photo equipment with me. But ever since that day, I always look for that tree.

The poem for the day is also about a tree:  this one the magnolia in my grandchildren's garden.  Just a short observation that I might develop into something longer later on.  Enjoy!

January 16:  Wind flips up the magnolia's leaves
                       baring its silver underside like a caberet dancer
                       flashing her fancy petticoat.

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