Monday, January 16, 2012

Playing Catch-up

So...haven't posted in a few days, not because I wasn't taking photos and writing, but because I had a problem getting the photos to upload from my camera. Finally got it--whatever "it" was--working....I think. Anyway, I'm posting a couple of photos and the mini-poems I wrote--and then hopefully I will be back on schedule!  Above, left, is the picture for yesterday, and on the right is the pic for today.  The cat is a stray cat who's been showing up at our doorstep regularly for the past several months.  She, or he, won't let me get close enough to touch, but her timing is impeccable:  no matter when I open the door, he/she appears, seemingly out of nowhere.  The only way I was able to get a picture was to sneak up to the window beside the door and snap the picture as quickly as possible.

The next photo is Molly, my daughter's Scotty.  She was trying to sleep.  We call her "evil Molly"--she's very spoiled--but cute!
Here are the mini-poems written over the last three days.

January 12:  A black-capped chicadee sits
                      deep inside the forsythia
                      near an abandoned hummingbird's nest--
                      barely visible even without cover of leaves--
                      while the cat watches
                      and waits.

January 13:  Rain pelts the windows,
                      streaks down the glass,
                      puddles in mulch.
                      A chickadee seeks shelter
                      beneath the eaves, its feathers
                      wet, on end
                      like my hair after a shower.

January 14:  Snow skips on the wind
                      swirls and circles before landing.
                      The wind whips whitecaps on the pond
                      reminding me of bleak winter days on the lake
                      back home.

January 15:  I am startled to see
                      a young fox
                      poised to strike.
                      A beagle barks.
                      The fox retreats
                      and so do I,
                      relieved not to witness
                      a murder.

Hey, I never claimed to be Robert Frost!

Well, that's all for now, folks!  Tomorrow I'll be back on schedule and back in the studio.  The recent cold weather and snow made me want only to snuggle by the fire with a good book.  Or take a nap. 

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