Friday, January 6, 2012

Photo a Day and Back Porch Poems

Today's photo is of the Clay Village Baptist church.  It sits on the hill overlooking our property.  I wish I had the patience to set up the tripod and photograph it at night, because there's something really peaceful and comforting about it then.  It seems to glow, catches the setting sun or the light from the full moon.  I've spent many a night staring at it from the back porch before I head to bed.

Meanwhile, here are the next two of my Back Porch Poems:

January 5, 2012:   They have names, but I know them only by number.
                                Friendly enough, they smile,
                                wish me a good day, or Merry Christmas.
                                Seems ironic to return the greeting
                                so I just say thanks, walk on
                                recite the training mantra:
                                Inmates are not your friends.

January 6, 2012:  Clouds dance beneath the moon
                              their billowy skirts shimmer starlight
                              while the wind hums Claire de Lune.

Six poems, six photographs, 360 to go!

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