Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Morning Commute

Today's photo is of something I see almost every day on my way to work--and more often than not, I am right behind it, plugging away at 45 mph, stopping at every stop until we reach the Shelby county line.  It's become a challenge to me: if I don't reach a certain intersection by 7:15 a.m., I end up behind that bus.  Sometimes I get to the intersection at the same time, and will the traffic light to stay green so I can get ahead.  Sometimes I'm lucky, sometimes not so much....

And today's poem:  Airplanes line dance across the sky,
                                an odd constellation whose stars break
                                east or west, a curtain of lights
                                parting to reveal the true
                                stars of the night.

Most of these mini-poems are not finished pieces. I plan to use them as starting points for longer pieces, or maybe they won't be used at all.  The main purpose is to get me writing and paying attention more to what's going on around me.  And hopefully, both endeavors will inspire my painting. One can always hope....



Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

LOL! At least the bus driver is usually on time for the kids right!

Wit's End Studio said... least I can count on that, most of the time...and if he's late, and I'm behind him, then I'm late too!