Sunday, January 8, 2012

Introducing Ringo, and another Back Porch Poem

So this is Ringo, another member of my family.  Ringo was adopted from a shelter a couple of years ago and he is the sweetest dog!  He's not too happy right now, as he was trying to sleep and there I was shoving a camera in his face! But he got a treat for his trouble, so that made him a little less annoyed with me. This is photo #7 for the year, and here's the next Back Porch Poem:

January 7, 2012:  Moonlight colors the back yard now.
                              The church on the hill stands silent, constant
                              bathed in soft rose.  I close my eyes,
                              breathe deep
                              take in the night.

So that's it folks! 'Night!

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