Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finally! I'm Painting Again!

I've been in a bit of a painting slump these past few months, which is why I started surfing various artist websites, etc., hoping to get motivated. It's worked, and I'm especially enthusiastic about getting involved with the daily painting movement. I'm still struggling with actually completing a daily painting. But I'm definitely trying. It took me three days to complete this painting of Sammy, a dog at the Shelby County Animal Shelter, but it's finished now. My plan is to display it on March 6, when Nathan Winograd comes to Shelbyville as a guest speaker sponsored by Shelby County's No Kill Mission. If it's sold, proceeds from the sale will go to the No Kill Mission. Here is the completed painting: 
     9 x 12
    Acrylics on Canvas Board
    Contact Stephanie Allison  

I am also working on a small piece right now, for my daily painting.  It's a 4 x 6, oil.   After working with acrylics, I keep forgetting that it takes awhile for oils to tack up--so I keep pushing paint around--which means it's not going to be finished till tomorrow. So it'll be a painting every two days!



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