Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lazy Day

This was supposed to be a "me" day--a day where I would catch up on things, like studio paperwork, updating my website, etc. I managed to do some of that--but I also thought I would paint today and that didn't happen. I am having trouble staying motivated for some reason. I have at least half a dozen paintings in various stages of completion, but I seem to run out of steam and they end up stuffed in a corner while I move on to something else. Setting my own deadlines doesn't work because, deep down, I know nothing bad's gonna happen if I miss the deadline! What to do? I've tried the "give yourself a reward" thing for setting a goal and achieving it. Doesn't work anymore. Sometimes I think it helps to just wallow in the lack-of-motivation pool for awhile. Sooner or later I'll get tired of it--I hope. In the meantime, I finished the pastel portrait (I did have a "real" deadline for that one!) and managed to add pics of some of my latest work to my website. Just a minor dent, though, in the ever growing "to do" list. Oh fiddle-dee-dee! I'll think about it tomorrow....
This is the completed pastel portrait. I hope my customer is happy with it.

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